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OMG!! Today Tozer didn't show up! Im pissed now! (You better be sick or I will be pissed tozer!!!!)
Well, ne ways he's so hot. Ok im not sure if ne of u out there know what it means to get 'ZAPPED' is so i'll explain:
When sum1 writes 'ZAP' on your hand you have to say "I love you" Everytime someone says your name.
You can't take it off until 1 day. If u have it written more than once u have 2 wait as many times u have it on ur hand. ex) If u have 'ZAP' on your hand twice you have to wait 2 days.

Ok so in math class (Mr Tozer teaches) I was sitting and Tozer came over here's the script:
Me: Tozer don't say my name.
Tozer: Ok K-A
Me: Stop!!!

Then he finally said it and I said I LOVE YOU MR TOZER right in his face!!! OMG HE SAID IT BACK!! CAN U BELIEVE IT?!?!?
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